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KAZI and its artisans' unique handmade baskets, gifts and decor are often featured in media reports about business, designers and decorating, including the Washington Post, Architectural Digest, Forbes and HGTV. We hope you enjoy and are inspired by these reports.


3 Home Office Decor Ideas to Make You More Inspired and Inspiring
The home office has become the new normal workplace. it’s now time to update your workspace style and function, for the long run. KAZI offers these simple, affordable tips for an office that helps you be more inspired, inspiring and productive.
“Baskets are Always the Answer” - KAZI Goods as Seen in HGTV Magazine
KAZI’s hand-woven decor makes a strong showing in the March 2021 issue of popular HGTV Magazine, where a feature titled “Why We’re so Obsessed with Baskets” explains how baskets can be your best friend in giving your home sweet home a new vibe.
5 Ways to Create your Dream Woven Wall Decor
Want to refresh and decorate your blank walls? Does a corner of your room look like it needs some love? See 5 ways you can effortlessly achieve that designer wall art decor look for your home!
Refresh your Entrance with KAZI Artisanal Woven Entryway Decor
Why is the Entryway so Important? Do you want your home to give off a great first impression? The entryway is the room to start with for home decor! It is the space that greets you back home and invites...
How to Curate Moments of Pause: Modern Minimalist Decor
Here are some easy ways to curate moments of pause within your own home, using minimalist decor.
Fresh & Functional Decorative Storage Solutions for Your New Home
We put together some tips that can help you find affordable decorations for home that are functional and reduce clutter.
How to Spruce up a Room
You don't need a degree in interior design to reinvigorate your living space and freshening up a room doesn't have to be a costly endeavor. Here are just a few ways you can begin to reimagine your home and create a place where you'll love to spend time. 
The Vintage Rose Trio
Sprucing up a space has never been easier! With rich patterns and vivid colors, KAZI baskets add a beautiful decor touch to any wall.