3 Home Office Decor Ideas to Make You More Inspired and Inspiring

3 Home Office Decor Ideas to Make You More Inspired and Inspiring

Home office desk and shelves showing art, organizer boxes and computer

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One year into the COVID pandemic, we’ve been working from home for some time now and think we have it down, kind of. We’ve learned how to behave on Zoom and Google meetings, most of the time. We’ve found a range of apps and online tools to manage everything from calendars to favorite meal deliveries.

The home office has become the new normal workplace. It’s now time to update your workspace in function and style, for the long run.

KAZI has drawn on its long experience in handmade artisanal home decor for the following simple, affordable tips. They are aimed to help you be more inspired and productive – and more inspiring to others.

Small baskets hold paperclips and pencils to organize desktop

How do I Decorate My Home Office?

Decorating the home office is easier than many think. And an attractive, functional office serves you well by keeping you organized, reflecting your style, and conveying an impression that you are someone who is prepared and that people will want to know and work with.

Three key home office decor ideas for small spaces:

  1. Provide an attractive backdrop of wall art for those video conference meetings

  2. Eliminate clutter with well-designed organizers for desktop, shelves and floors – especially important for home offices in small spaces

  3. Do so with a style and story that is your own

What Wall Art Backdrop Can I Use for Zoom and Video Conference Meetings?

Handmade African baskets make a vibrant, colorful wall-hangings backdrop for your Zoom, Google and other video conferences. They'll surely draw comments, too. All KAZI goods are made from 100% natural materials and organic dyes, and are hand-woven by our artisans, using traditional methods. You can also use our new "See KAZI in Your Space" tool to preview how wall art will look on your own wall!

Woven basket art on office wall


How Can I Make my Small Home Office Look Professional?

Be a minimalist, to reduce clutter on and around your office desk. Make use of vertical space, including shelves, for display and storage.

The top three products for desktop organization are:

  1. Pencil cups – ideal for pens, scissors and other other taller items

  2. Planters – small and large, a great way to bring color and flair to your storage needs

  3. Small bowls – catch-alls used to hold keys, phones, paperclips, change, earbuds

Simple, clean desk and shelves show minimalist approach to home office

Small vases contain scissors and desktop items


Basket holds water bottles

And don’t forget your pets – a pet bed in the corner and a basket for toy storage can be perfect for that dog or cat office companion!

Pet bed

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