Refresh your Entrance with KAZI Artisanal Woven Entryway Decor

Refresh your Entrance with KAZI Artisanal Woven Entryway Decor

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Why is the Entryway so Important?

Do you want your home to give off a great first impression? The entryway is the room to start with for home decor! It is the space that greets you back home and invites your guests in, so make it welcoming and make it yours. First impressions can be tough but KAZI’s handcrafted products are here to help! Follow these decorating ideas and tips below to give your entryway a refreshing makeover with KAZI’s artisanal woven decor. No matter how big or small the space is, use entryway decor to create a lasting first impression on guests!

Why Choose KAZI for Your Home Decor?

KAZI is more than home decor; it has a mission that you can feel proud supporting. We bring you beautiful hand-crafted goods that add life to your space and empower artisans to weave a better story for themselves. Our designers craft innovative, unique pieces that our artisans in Uganda, Rwanda, and Ghana hand-make. In return the artisans receive a life-changing livable wage. Your purchases have the power to quickly change lives, families, and communities.

KAZI is currently one of only five companies to carry the Nest Seal of Ethical Handcraft on our Rwanda and Uganda products. The Seal carries the highest of standards for assessing artisan homeworker production and supply chains, ensuring important issues like fair wages are paid and no children are in the workforce and supply chain. It also ensured the materials and dyes are ethically sourced and disposed of.

The Nest Seal is a symbol of assurance for you in our supply chain and in letting your customers know the items they shop have been ethically handcrafted by KAZI artisans.

Go Bold With Your Wall Art


Immediately catch your guest’s eye by wall-mounting intricate wall art to your entrance way. KAZI’s unique hand-woven wall hangings will brighten up your room and will look fabulous above your entryway table or coat rack. For your wall decorations use a variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns to add dimension and texture.

What about entryway door decor? Instead of hanging a wreath try hanging an intricate wall plate on your front door to draw guests in!

Use KAZI’s shop by color option to create a cohesive art presentation with various home decor pieces by selecting a color theme. A bright theme such as blushed terracotta will create a vibrant warm space and wake up your walls.

You do not have to be an interior designer to experiment with asymmetrical design! Create a beautiful display by mounting a large wall plate on the left side and building out with complimentary smaller plates and baskets to the right. Use KAZI’s hand-selected wall sets or mix and match on your own. Find more tips and tricks on curating the best wall decoration display with KAZI’s hanging guide, how to video, and blackband design inspiration.

Functional and Stylish Entryway Decor Ideas

Who said you can’t have style and function? Give your side table a makeover with decorative catch all or bread baskets that make the perfect key holders. Store phones, sunglasses, mail, and other items in these baskets, too, which double as decorative accents for your entrance, creating a fabulous and organized entryway table to ensure you never misplace car keys again!


Bread basket


KAZI’s artisanal hand woven floor baskets also double as unique accent decor and storage. Stow your umbrellas, sports equipment, shoes and more in these functional baskets that come in different patterns and colors to meet your style and needs. You can create a rustic home decor look with this farmhouse chic natural lace handwoven basket.


Farmhouse chic floor basket


Or throw your beach towels in this coastal inspired floor basket.


Coastal floor basket

You can also opt for a more traditional style with the intricately handcrafted Imani basket. Find more inspiration to organize your entryway table and stylishly store your items with KAZI’s handpicked entryway floor baskets.



Imani floor basket


Bring the Outside In — with Floral and Garden Accent Planters


Immediately feel relaxed and welcomed into an indoor floral and garden oasis by adding flowers and plants to your entryway decor. KAZI’s unique handmade accent planters and floral vases are the perfect touch to create a green sanctuary that accentuates your personality. If you are working with a smaller space you can add floral vases or planters to rest on your entryway table. You can achieve a boho chic look with this fun fringed artisanal woven planter.

Or, if you are looking for modern entryway ideas try this color blocked vase to achieve a modern style.

If you have a larger entrance way fill the negative space with floor planters to create your entryway garden. Try this blue and silver patterned planter to achieve a coastal style with your plants.

These are just a few ideas to spruce up your entryway decor, but the possibilities are limitless. Just remember to be creative and pick pieces that accentuate you. Try using products that are both fashionable and functional to create an entrance that is organized for your busy life. To view our entire collection of handcrafted products for your home decor, visit KAZI online.

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