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“Baskets are Always the Answer” - KAZI Goods as Seen in HGTV Magazine

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KAZI’s hand-woven decor makes a strong showing in the March 2021 issue of popular HGTV Magazine, where a feature titled “Why We’re so Obsessed with Baskets” explains how baskets can be your best friend in giving your home sweet home a new vibe.

“They’re our BFFs when it comes to sprucing up and getting organized," HGTV Magazine reports. Here's an example featured by the magazine from KAZI's bread baskets collection, great for foods but also for household items.


Seven ways artisan-made baskets improve home decor and function

  1. Beautify and organize a closet, including your crafts stash, says the magazine

  2. Make that bathroom cozy. An otherwise stark bathroom can gain warmth from a basket filled with fluffy towels. And they are ventilated enough to hold bath toys.

  3. Energize an office. Designer Wendy Blackband describes how her boho collection from KAZI and flea markets adds glamour to her workspace. They add personality and with a blend of small and large can fill nooks and create a cohesive, artistic feel. See Blackband's KAZI collection

    Designer display
  4. Ease the laundry task. Use a woven tote or basket to store or haul items, and to tie together the colors and elements of a room.

  5. Make a stylish entry. Baskets and woven decor help. For more, see KAZI’s recent blog post on top ways to refresh your entryway.

  6. Fill bare spots in your home. Woven baskets, including vases, bowls and planters, can provide color. Lidded baskets are also a great way to hide phone chargers and cords, and baskets and bowls are great for stashing car keys, the TV remote, and kitchen or office items. For more, See KAZI’s recent blog post on ways to enjoy your African basket

  7. Comfort us. HGTV Magazine quotes Samuel Gosling, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at The University of Texas at Austin who studies the meaning of decor. People may also be comforted by their weave and earthy elements. “We’re drawn to things that remind us of nature.” 

Also featured in a separate article titled, "One Chic Craftsman," is the KAZI Karibu 6" diameter sisal and sweetgrass bowl in tea rose.



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