Fresh & Functional Decorative Storage Solutions for Your New Home

Fresh & Functional Decorative Storage Solutions for Your New Home

Moving into a new home is no small feat. Whether you're starting a job in a new town, newly married, or starting a family, turning a house into a home requires large investments of both your time and your money. From dining furniture to living room furniture, from bathroom furniture to bedroom furniture, where do you even begin?! That’s why we’ve compiled some tips and tricks to make your life a little easier without draining your wallet or maxing out your credit card. Our biggest takeaway? Focusing on functionality and versatility without compromising on style. Our tips can help you find affordable decorations for home that are functional and reduce clutter. From furniture for home decor to decor ideas for large walls, we cover it all. 

1. Starting with the Sofa

When shopping for furniture & home decor, it’s best to start with the big pieces and then build around them. Your living room furniture is some of the most important purchases you’ll make in your entire home. The sofa is an important place for entertaining, but it can also double as a functional storage piece. Could you benefit from a couch that doubles as a sleeper? Are you looking for extra storage while also attempting to minimize clutter? Ikea has wonderful and affordable options to meet your versatile needs. A couch with under-cushion storage can be the perfect place to store extra blankets, remotes, or other miscellaneous clutter. 

Pair the couch with a patterned accent chair and a coffee table topped with one of KAZI’s woven centerpiece baskets. My family keeps  a set of KAZI’s Mustard Heathered Coasters on our coffee table so they’re easily accessible whenever we’re having a morning cup of coffee or evening glass of wine. The vibrant color adds the perfect accent touch to our living room.

2. Maximizing Shelf Space 

Shelves are the perfect way to combine storage with presentation, making them one of the perfect decor ideas for large walls. Add personal touches to your shelves with framed photos or by stacking some of your favorite books. Add some color with small bins or decorative lidded storage boxes that can double as storage units. I like to mix and match different colors and patterns to create an eclectic and worldly feel inside my home. Finding little ways to add an artistic flare to my shelves is a must, whether it’s with artisan woven boxes or choosing candles and candle holders that have an aesthetic appeal.

This can work in a communal living space, or in an entryway. The entryway is the first place in the house that guests will see, so it pays off to give that wall a little more attention. Entry way storage cabinets can be easily spiced up with a few strategically chosen pieces, like a decorative basket that can double as a place to drop your keys. Finally, adding a plant or two is the perfect final touch to any shelf space. 

3. The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s also the most functional space of the home, so there’s no room for clutter. Finding the right mix of style and functionality is especially important in this space. Luckily we have decor tips to spruce up your kitchen countertop with storage. With the right piece, your bread baskets and fruit baskets can easily become a decorative statement for your kitchen island. Kazi offers beautiful woven bowls and woven baskets that can serve as both. My family uses KAZI’s Peach Deco Bread Basket to store bananas and other fruits on our kitchen island and kitchen countertop.  When we’re entertaining, we’ll use the basket to hold the bread on our dining table. Guests always ask about it, and we love to share the story behind the basket with them.

A woven vase is another beautiful way to brighten a room. Instead of filling it with flowers, consider using the vase to hold your spatulas, tongs, or big spoons. I keep KAZI’s Blue Night Sozi Vase next to my stovetop. It holds my spatulas, tongs, and a whisk for easy access. The beautiful design and color create the perfect accent piece on my kitchen countertop without adding any clutter. 

You can also look for functional items beyond your countertop, like finding kitchen & dining furniture that double as storage units. Instead of using typical dining chairs, consider mixing up your space seating by putting dining benches on one side of your table that also functions as storage bins. To complete the setup, mix and match KAZI’s dining and entertaining items to create your own custom table sets that are sure to catch your guests’ eyes. 

4. Be creative!

Find ways to make your necessary utility items a piece of art. Even something as simple as a laundry basket can be a statement piece in any home. Reflect on your personal style and find a laundry bin that works for you, anything from a copper laundry bin to a woven basket

Save money on bedroom furniture and create custom headboards by hanging a woven basket wall above your bed. This is a new and creative solution for saving money on bedroom furniture, and all of our basket options will pair well with any neutral duvet covers

Brighten up your makeup vanities by using  KAZI pom pom boxes that can double as bath accessories and storage for your toothbrush or hair brushes. If you’re willing to use a little creativity, the opportunities for discovering new, functional, and cost-effective home decor solutions really are endless!

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