Want to refresh and decorate your blank walls? Does a corner of your room look like it needs some love? Dreaming about that stunning woven basket wall decor you see on Pinterest but unsure where to start? 

We have you covered — read the 5 ways you can effortlessly achieve that designer wall art decor look for your home! PLUS your top 3 questions answered on hanging wall art.



You do not need to be an interior designer to create a beautiful woven wall decor set that looks like it came straight out of a home magazine. Below you’ll find tips and tricks to help you easily spruce up any wall in your home. You’ll see decorating ideas for every style and space — from small to big to traditional to boho chic

Description Guide to KAZI’s woven Wall Hangings

KAZI’s woven baskets, plates, discs, and fans can all be used in varying ways to create intricate woven wall hanging displays. See below for descriptions of the various products:

  • Discs — Consist of both trivets and chargers which lie completely flat giving them no depth
    • Trivets are usually 10 inches in diameter 
    • Chargers are usually 14 inches in diameter
  • Fans — lie completely flat and have a handle at the end making them easy to hang
  • Trays  — lie mostly flat with a lip at the edge giving them slight depth
  • Wall Plates — start out flat and gradually increase in depth and then flatten out again
    • Just think of your ordinary kitchen plate
  • Woven Baskets — bowl shaped and have the most depth

To create dimension — mix these different KAZI products together to achieve a unique design that wakes up your walls. If you are feeling fun, add on KAZI’s fringe woven wall hangings!

Here’s how to master 5 styles using KAZI’s hand crafted artisanal woven decor:

1.) Keep it simple with — one woven wheel art

Want to achieve a simple traditional look? Are you working with a small space? Try using one large stand-out woven plate that captures all the attention in the room. Opt for a wheel-like design and neutral colors to create a sophisticated style. As shown below, you can hang it above or beside a staple chair as accent decor. No one will be able to take their eyes off of this patterned woven wall art.



2.) Basket Woven Wall Trio

All you need are 3 woven wall baskets, plates, trivets, or discs to create that chic designer look. For a simple and traditional style try placing 3 spaced-out plates symmetrically side by side. This could help accentuate a dresser or above a bed as accent decor



Working from home? Wanting to create a perfect Zoom background or office space? Try hanging the basket trio above your desk so you can look at beautiful hand-woven decor between your computer typing and coffee sipping. Try hanging the trio in a triangle formation as shown below.



Or — for a more daring display try mounting the pieces in a descending triangle as pictured below. 



3.) Gallery Wall of Woven Baskets

If you have lots of blank wall space to work with — create a gallery of handmade hand-woven baskets instead of using framed pictures, wall tapestries, or canvas art. Pick 5 or more baskets, plates, trivets, and discs. Try using a variety of sizes and depths to create dimension and texture. Have fun with mix and matching and most importantly — make it yours!

Choose the largest woven decor as the focal point and then build out from there, placing your smaller baskets on the outside. The stunning style below displays banana bark plates with the center capturing the main attention and complimentary smaller plates on the outside. This arrangement should look carefree even though it is often premeditated. 



Do not worry about making your gallery wall look symmetrical — feel free to be creative! You can create a daring chic display by mounting a large wall plate on the left side and building out with complimentary smaller plates and baskets to the right. For a polished look — create symmetry with the surrounding furniture having the woven wall art as the focal point. Try sticking to a color or collection theme — picking 1 or 2 colors to weave the various baskets and plates together for a cohesive arrangement. 



If you want to go bold with your gallery wall design and add variety — try a woven fan. Mix KAZI’s beautiful woven fans in any of your woven basket wall decor designs to create a unique touch.



4.) Turn the Corner into a Beautiful Woven Art

If you do not have a lot of wall space or have a corner of the room that needs more light we are here to help. Have your wall hanging baskets wrap around the corner to create an open and airy feel that brings dimension and color to that nook.

5.) Give Your Furniture an Art Border

If you want to use multiple baskets but are not keen on creating a gallery wall — try using the baskets as a border along your furniture. A hanging mirror is a perfect piece to border with various woven baskets and plates. You can also border bedroom furniture such as your dresser as shown below. This allows you to create a look that appears complex and professionally designed but in reality requires little thinking on your part.



Top 3 Questions on How to Hang Baskets Answered

Q.) How high should I hang my basket above my dresser?
A.) Place the lowest hanging basket at least 4-6 inches above your furniture.

Q.) How much space should I leave in between each basket? 
A.) It depends what style you are trying to achieve. For a more boho free-spirited look baskets should be closer and more jumbled together —  for a minimalist display baskets should be placed farther apart. When in doubt, the general rule of thumb is 3 finger width apart.

Q.) How do I hang wall art without nails? 
A.) If you live in an apartment and can not afford a scratch on your walls do not fret! Use command strips of varying sizes to hang your woven baskets and plates. For larger baskets that weigh 5+ lbs we recommend using multiple large command strips. 

See How It’s Done

Need more help? We’ve got resources for you. Check out our quick guides and videos for basket hanging and design:

Why Choose Kazi?

KAZI is more than home decor; it has a mission that you can feel proud supporting. We bring you beautiful hand-crafted goods that add life to your space and empower artisans to weave a better story for themselves. Our designers craft innovative, unique pieces that our artisans in Uganda, Rwanda, and Ghana hand-make. In return the artisans receive a life-changing livable wage. Your purchases have the power to quickly change lives, families, and communities.

KAZI is currently one of only five companies to carry the Nest Seal of Ethical Handcraft on our Rwanda and Uganda products. The Seal carries the highest of standards for assessing artisan homeworker production and supply chains, ensuring important issues like fair wages are paid and no children are in the workforce and supply chain. It also ensured the materials and dyes are ethically sourced and disposed of. 

The Nest Seal is a symbol of assurance for you in our supply chain and in letting your customers know the items they shop have been ethically handcrafted by KAZI artisans.

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