Artisan Insights - Jane's Story

Artisan Insights - Jane's Story

Artisan Jane portrait

Jane's story is one of a series from artisans for KAZI, built on a mission to create fair-wage employment. About 98 percent of KAZI artisans are women, who have the flexibility to work from their rural homes and support an average 5.7 dependents. Stories are in their own words. See more stories.

"My name is Jane. I live in Uganda. I grew up in a home of 26 children. My father and two of my siblings have passed on. I went to school up to Senior Two (equivalent to early high school in the U.S.) and then my father and two of my siblings were killed in the liberation war at that time. So I dropped out of school with no one to help me. The only job I have done in my life is weave. Currently I am married with four children, my oldest is 35 years old and youngest is 15 years old.

During my primary school years, we were taught how to weave. My mother was also a good weaver so I got to learn from her as well. I would make baskets and when people would come to our home, they were willing to pay me for my work and that Is how I took it on fully.

All my children are educated and this was through earning from my baskets. I am able to help my husband with home expenses. During the pandemic lock-down I was able to use my saving from weaving yet I saw other people starving.

As a result of KAZI we were able to start a poultry project that is for the whole family, so that we can get extra income. I also do farming, and I hire people to work on the garden. We are able to have access to better medical services due to money from weaving. I hope to add onto my poultry farm so that when I retire from weaving so I can still have a source of income.

My proudest accomplishment as a working woman? I'm proud to take my kids to better schools and that they eat better."

Artisan weaver Jane and family at work 

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