Artisan Insights – Nabukenya's Story

Artisan Insights – Nabukenya's Story

Artisan Nabukenya weaving

Nabukenya's story is one of a series from artisans for KAZI, built on a mission to create fair-wage employment. About 98 percent of KAZI artisans are women, who have the flexibility to work from their rural homes and support an average 5.7 dependents. Stories are in their own words. See more stories.

"My name is Nabukenya. I live in Uganda. I grew up with five siblings and an extended family of about four people. I went to school and dropped out in Primary Six due to lack of money. Due to staying at home and having nothing much to do, I got pregnant when I was 17 years. Now I am married with three children, my oldest is 6 years old and youngest is 6 months. Weaving has been my only job. 

Jane Nakityo taught me how to weave. She is my KAZI group leader. I did not have money and she advised me to join weaving.

My proudest accomplishment as a working woman has been financial freedom and reducing the burden on my husband.

She taught me and after I joined her group I have never looked back. My life has changed because I get money and I am able to buy the things I need for the home. We have bought a television for our house and now we are saving to buy land and construct a home since we are renting currently."

Artisans Nalwoga and Ahumuza Share their Stories

Nalwoga's Story

"My name is Nalwoga (left, in black t-shirt). I live in Uganda. I was born and raised in a family of eight children and seven extended family members. I went to school and dropped out in Primary Five due to my parents having no money for school fees. I used to work as a cleaner in shopping malls, and I also used to paint people’s houses.

I am not married and I have two children. My oldest is nine years and youngest is four years old.

My kids' father is an absentee father and it's only me to take care of them. A friend taught me how to weave. She weaves for KAZI. Now I can be able to sustain myself and my children, and take care of all their needs. I want to save money, buy land and construct a house for my family. One with enough space for all of us. I am proudest of the fact that I can single-handedly be able to take care of my family"

Ahumuza's Story

"My name is Ahumuza (left, in striped dress). I live in Uganda. I studied up to Senior Four and I went to teaching school. I was a teacher for one year. I left teaching because I got married and it was hard for me to balance my work and home responsibilities. I was born in a family of six children, one died, now we are five. I am married for two years now, with no children yet. 

I used to see my neighbor who used to weave from her home and when I saw how she was making money and still be able to take care of her home, that motivated me. I approached her and told her to teach me how to weave and that is how I started weaving. Now I can afford my needs and I am able to help my husband with home bills.

As a result of KAZI we have renovated our house. Next, I want to start a business to earn extra money. I'm proudest that that I do not have to beg for money, I can afford the things I want."

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