Artisan Insights – Nalunkuma's Story

Artisan Insights – Nalunkuma's Story

KAZI artisan Nalunkuma with child

Nalunkuma's story is one of a series from artisans for KAZI, built on a mission to create fair-wage employment. About 98 percent of KAZI artisans are women, who have the flexibility to work from their rural homes and support an average 5.7 dependents. Stories are in their own words. See more stories.

"My name is Nalunkuma. I live in Uganda. I grew up with six siblings and three other extended family members. I studied up to Senior Six (equivalent to high school in the U.S.). After, I couldn’t join university because there was no money. I used to be a shop keeper and later became a weaver. I am married with five children, my oldest are 14 years old (twins) and my youngest is 3 years old.

Before, I would use a lot of money to go to work in town. Weaving had the option of me weaving from home as I take care of my children. I had seen this from a village friend of mine. That motivated me to do weaving as a full-time job. I was taught by my mother as a child since she used to weave.

We have taken our kids to better schools and we have constructed a house. I hope to open up a shop so that I earn extra income.

I no longer have financial strain. I can be able to take care of myself and my family.

Before, I couldn’t contribute to home items and my husband wasn’t getting a lot of money. But now I help out and our lives have changed and there is significant progress."


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