Artisan Insights – Evelyn's Story

Artisan Insights – Evelyn's Story

Artisan Evelyn displays several off her baskets

Evelyn's story is one of a series from artisans for KAZI, built on a mission to create fair-wage employment. About 98 percent of KAZI artisans are women, who have the flexibility to work from their rural homes and support an average 5.7 dependents. Stories are in their own words. See more stories.

"My name is Evelyn. I live in Uganda. We were four children and two parents. I studied until Senior Four (equivalent to early high school in the U.S.) and joined a vocational institute where I studied tailoring.

I used to be a tailor but I left for baskets because I would make more money. I am married with three boys. The oldest is 11 years old and the youngest is 6 years old.

I had interest in weaving and so we formed a group of ladies, got someone to teach us and then we started weaving with KAZI.

We have been able to access better health services because we can now afford to. Now I am able to take care of my needs, something I was struggling with before.

What is my proudest accomplishment as a working woman? Being used as an example of progressing women in the village meetings. 

In the future, I want to open a business to earn extra money."

Artisan Evelyn displays a basket.


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