Queer Eye Season 6, Episode 4: “The North Philadelphia Story” - Complete with a KAZI Basket

Queer Eye Season 6, Episode 4: “The North Philadelphia Story” - Complete with a KAZI Basket

Spotted – KAZI’s artisan, handmade basket in Season 6 of the newly released Queer Eye.  Found at Anthropologie (and kazigoods.com) this All Across Africa + KAZI basket has captured the attention of modern, boho inspired living room decorators across the country!

The hero of the show: Tyreek Wanamaker is a 27-year-old who works for Mighty Writers in West Philly which promotes children's literacy.  Obviously, a super cool human being.

Both Tyreek's boss Christina and his friend Tommy nominated him. He'd overcome a lot in his life and they wanted the Fab Five to help him be proud of what he'd accomplished and maybe even help him move forward in new ways.

Tyreek’s big watch-worthy event was reconnecting with his childhood guardian and pseudo-mother Ruth. It was a tear jerker for all of us.  After years of being estranged, Tyreek admits that the biggest question he has for Ruth is, "Does she still love me?" which is enough to break your heart. But then in the conversation, she does say she loves him, which is even more emotional.

Bobby takes Tyreek to Anthropologie for some shameless self-promotion of his own line and this is where KAZI comes in!  DRUM ROLL PLEASE…

Anthropologie sells KAZI baskets online and across the country in their stores.  Somehow, Bobby’s attention was captured in the silky fibers and rich colors of our baskets!  Bobby picked a KAZI basket at the main feature of the living room space for Queer Eye’s living room make over for Season 6, Episode 4!

Honestly, we know why: the basket looked totally FAB and brought in a modern, boho African flair that they knew was perfect for Tyreek.  Clearly the Fab Five love KAZI and we’re flattered!

Lastly, the show closed when Anonti brings Tyreek to the Fishtown restaurant Aether for a cooking lesson. And then he gets his hair done with Jonathan at H. Smith Shop.

Overall, it was a feel-good quarantine entertainment.

What we learned? Tyreek is an awesome, confident, stylish man who needed a little lovin’ and encouragement.  When we’re faced with some of life’s biggest questions, it’s helpful to have a little love and nudgin’ to move you in the right direction.  In this case, a heart warming reconciliation.

Check out the Queer Eye KAZI collection here to get “the look” that Tyreek landed in his cool Philly apartment!

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