KAZI handwoven African bowls and baskets

Your Gift Guide to Top KAZI African Baskets and Handwoven Artisanal Goods

Some people are natural gift-givers, always with the right item and thought for the receiver. Others have generous hearts but struggle for ideas. No matter your giving style, we’ve put together a guide to favorites among KAZI’s unique African baskets and handwoven goods, for all budgets, to help you on your way.

Why Give KAZI Gifts This Holiday Season?

We bring intricately woven works of art directly from our artisans’ hands to yours — each piece has a story. Our designers craft innovative, unique pieces that our artisans in Uganda, Rwanda, and Ghana hand-make — and the artisans in return receive a life-changing livable wage. Your purchases have the power to quickly change lives, families, and communities. Even the most price-conscious giving provides the opportunity to be globally impactful.


How to Shop KAZI for the Holidays

What is the best gift to give someone? To find the answer, make use of the helpful price-selecting slider on our shopping pages at kazigoods.com — it lets you quickly choose a budget range for gifts, and to adjust it as needed to expand or narrow selections. You can shop all KAZI goods, or browse our main online store categories, including gifts, best-sellers, colors, collections and more. Wholesale buyers have a pathway all their own from the top navigation.

Holiday Gift Ideas at $20 and Under

Tiny catch-all baskets, and ornaments, make for incredibly welcome gifts. Both display the unique designs and handwoven quality KAZI has become known for. They can be especially effective as stocking stuffers or as gifts for kids.

Tiny catch-all basket

The tiny catch-all baskets are super functional. They’re great on a shelf, desk or countertop for storage or organizing — just the place for cotton balls, makeup or jewelry, or for keys, paperclips, coins, a small toy or gift card, or other items.

Our ornaments are imaginative and colorful. Those that are tiny woven baskets are the perfect place to slip a special note or gift.


Holiday Gift Ideas at $30 and Under

Coaster sets add elegance and color to a room. They come in simple designs, or in more elaborate and even playful designs, including our fringed sets. Fringed coasters can even make drinking water more fun. You'll want to drink more water, wine, or coffee just to be able to use these handwoven coasters. Flat, absorbent, and heat-resistant, our coasters are the perfect blend of luxe decor and function. They’ll elevate your living room tabletops or bar carts and are perfect for your glass of wine or beverage in the evening, or while you are enjoying your morning cup of tea or coffee! Mix and match with your favorite table linens and accent furniture.

Fringed coaster set

Desk and bathroom accent pieces can add pop in any room. Tiny bowls and vases are great for holding anything from a plant to pencils and pens, q-tips, hairbrushes — and even artist’s brushes. 

Small, lidded boxes are likewise a charming gift for storage, organizing and plants. Feel free to tuck something special inside!

Our fringed catch-alls are especially playful. These delicately woven accessories are designed to add flair and color to any room or empty surface, for plants or for storage needs.

Fringed catch-all


And be sure to take a look at our trivets collection. You’ll never see a more cheerful or meaningful selection of handwoven trivets, perfect to set a tea kettle on or hot dish from the oven, or to be hung as wall decor for a globally inspired feel.

More Holiday Gift Ideas for This Season

Pedestal bowls provide a universally useful statement piece, elegant and adaptable to almost any occasion or season. Our uniquely woven pedestal footed bowl catch-alls are the perfect addition to any of your home decor needs. You can use it as a fruit bowl on your dining room table, as a catch-all in your entryway for keys and mail, or as an elegant jewelry holder on your bedroom dresser. You can fill it seasonally, for example with pinecones in the fall or ornaments in the winter. Want a pop of color in your bathroom decor? These catch-alls are a decorative way to hold hand towels for guests.

Pedestal bowls

Planters provide handwoven color and elegance for plants — but also can be used for any home organization need. Use on a bookshelf, desk, or as a stylish centerpiece on a tabletop. These handwoven planters can even elevate bathroom storage accessories to store brushes or toilet paper.


Bowls and round baskets, small and large, are perfect for serving, storage, and even for wall-hangings to provide your room with a globally inspired feel.

Cylindrical vases bring color and texture to any room – and have many uses. They come with a glass insert, so you can easily fill it with flowers. You can also keep a bottle of wine in the vase for luxe wine storage or give it away with a bottle of wine as the perfect hostess gift. Or fill the vase with serving utensils on the kitchen countertop for a more everyday functional piece.

Cylindrical vase


To view our entire collection of handcrafted products, visit KAZI online.

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