9 Modern Accessories to Freshen Up Your Bathroom

9 Modern Accessories to Freshen Up Your Bathroom

The guest bathroom may be the smallest room in your house, but who says it’s any less important? In these global pandemic and work-from-home times, we are all coming to realize the importance of a house that feels like home. Bathrooms are the perfect little spaces in the home to experiment with new styles and home decor without too much commitment-- sort of like throwing on a pair of statement earrings to test the waters before going out in that pink monochrome suit you saw on Instagram. Lately, we’ve seen fun bathroom makeover ideas like printed wallpaper and marble showers, but all it really takes to freshen up your powder room, especially in the current state of the world, is one or two modern bathroom accessories or accessory sets. 

Have you thought about a wall mounted bathroom mirror? Framed bathroom mirrors are affordable and easily shipped to your home! Or maybe it’s time to add more color to your bathroom vanity with some woven baskets? Or it might be as simple as a few bath accessories and brush holders. One thing that modern bathrooms have in common these days is that they are unique-- from the bath mat to the soap dish, your bathroom decor is all about your personal style.

If there’s a perfect time to decorate your bathroom, it’s now. You might have a little extra time to shop online, and you can bring in some fun bathroom accessories that will make you look forward to the next time you can have friends over for a dinner party. Just begin with a couple of these modern bathroom accessories:

1. A potted plant

Whether it’s simply a pint-sized succulent on the bathroom vanity or a stand-alone fern in a basket, a plant is a special kind of bathroom décor that brings a sense of freshness, light, and peace that you might not have otherwise. Not to mention, integrating our indoor spaces with a sense of outdoor lounging is a great way to experience a little more brightness in our daily work-from-home lives. Place your plant on the bathroom vanity, the floor, or on a decorative bar cart.

2. A statement shower curtain

Like throwing on your favorite sundress, a bold shower curtain is one of the easiest ways to showcase your style. Shower curtains are one of those bathroom accessories that come in every design and at every price-point, so they’re the perfect opportunity to bring you into your bathroom décor. If you have an otherwise minimalist bathroom, the right shower curtain will be one of the perfect bath accessories to bring together the whole space with your personal touch.

3. A handwoven basket

Baskets are perfect bathroom accessories because they are both functional and stylish. They are perfect for storage and can be used for your bath towels or dirty laundry (none of your guests will even notice!). Baskets can be the focal point of the bathroom, or a more subtle touch. Instead of using a towel stand or towel hanger, simply drape your bath towel over a bold standing basket to dry.

4. A multi piece bathroom accessories set

Ever thought about matching your toothbrush holder to your soap dish? Turns out, these bathroom accessory sets come in endless styles and are a lovely compliment to any bathroom vibe. Play around with this tile-inspired set or maybe a more minimalist white stone soap dispenser. We see our toothbrush holders at least twice a day, so it’s a plus if we like how it looks.

5. A subtly posh bathroom mirror

Step up your bathroom vanity with a beautiful mirror! Bathroom Mirrors nowadays come in beautiful shapes and look and feel a bit like framed artwork. Replace your current, wall-to-wall bathroom mirrors with one that’s just a little more bold-- a little more you. Then you can look in the mirror and see yourself as you really are: a work of art.

6. A multi-functional pom pom box

With natural materials gaining popularity in home décor, it’s no wonder that hand-woven raffia and sweet grass baskets are all-the-rage. A pom pom box is perfect for storing your cotton swabs and skincare products without cluttering the countertop. How about that-- another functional and stylish bathroom accessory!

7. A cute toilet paper holder

Remember that… um… toilet paper craze? Well, since we’re all guilty of stocking up on a year’s worth of toilet paper, why not make it look pretty in the bathroom! Again, the bathroom is a little space, so details are everything in bathroom décor. Who knew a toilet paper holder could be so chic?

8. A fresh set of towels

Towels are important bathroom accessories just like soap dispensers and countertops, so it’s important to utilize them for their style and flair as much as anything else. Bath towels and hand towels can stand out or stand down, depending on the vibe of the rest of the room. The best part is that you can change them out whenever you want, so you have the chance to play with styles! Maybe even add a new towel hanger if you feel like refreshing the space even more!

9. A soy candle

If you don’t already have a favorite candle in your bathroom, think about picking one up! Candles keep the bathroom smelling fresh while also serving as a minimalist accessory. If you like to have dim vanity lighting to wind down in the evening, soy candles are essentially the perfect miniature light fixtures. Next to a little flower vase, a lovely soy candle is truly the perfect bathroom accessory.

Your bathroom is meant to feel serene, fresh, and like a little expression of your personal style. Bringing just a couple of these modern details will help you to curate a space that makes you feel at home.

Take the time during the pandemic to find some inspiration to curate the bathroom of your dreams. All it really takes to feel more relaxed, more comfortable, and more at-home is bringing beautiful and functional accessories into your home decor.

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