8 Ideas to Survive and Thrive While at Home in Quarantine – COVID19

8 Ideas to Survive and Thrive While at Home in Quarantine – COVID19

Written by: Alicia Wallace

We’re all stuck at home, trying to stay positive and pass the time, but we all know it’s not easy.  It’s not easy when work has been cancelled, school is out and we are worried about our family’s health and safety as well as the global situation.

Staying focused and positive can help us continue to be healthy and feel able to help others in need as well.  The world needs our hope, light and positivity more now than ever. Here are a few ideas to keep you thriving if you have the luxury of being stuck at home in quarantine (meaning you are healthy and physically safe!).

1. “Marie Kondo” the House

Is it just me or does being stuck at home make you want to clean, organize, label, and discard  items in all closets and drawers, then rinse and repeat? Marie Kondo-ing the house can give us all a small sense of control in a crazily chaotic world right now. 

2. Try a New Recipe 

We’re all home cooking anyways, and I’m tired of cereal or mac and cheese.  The other night I broke out my favorite recipe I made for my family when I was in my late teens and still living at home.   I had had skirt steak tacos at a restaurant with avocado, onions, cotija cheese, lime, a dash of hot sauce AND, the best part, roasted coconut flakes.  It’s exotic and unexpected flavors are so much more fun and punchier than our traditional rice, refried beans and taco meat we are used to!

Here is my recommended “Skirt Steak Taco”recipe to try out.  My personal cooking tip: oil the skillet and get it hot, then put your corn tortilla on until you see it start to bubble up a bit, flip, make sure there is still a good amount of oil in the pan and then remove and pat dry with a paper towel.  Also – don’t forget to add the roasted coconut flakes you can heat over the skillet as well (no oil needed!)

3. Refresh Your Living Room Décor

Reorganizing and updating the house makes it feel fresh and new.  Try digging out some of those spring pillows you shoved in the closet to freshen up the living room.  Or better yet, refresh your walls with new affordable wall art. Check out KAZI’s Wall Décor items for a small new piece that will make your living room feel fresh.  Or better yet, do you have a KAZI Round Fruit Bowl on your countertop already?  It has a loop on the wall and can be hung easily on your gallery wall next to all those family photos! 

*USE QRTN-DECORATE for 20% off store-wide savings through March 31st!

Gum Tree is a shop in Hermosa Beach (near LA) with the best in-home décor gifts, frames, pillows, rugs and other accessories with an amazing online selection as well.  Peruse their online store and you can even find activities for the kids to do while you’re redecorating away on their site! 

4. Watch Something Positive

I hate to admit it, but my husband and I caved and watched some “trash TV” this weekend.  , We quickly just felt consumed by drama and negative thoughts. Instead,we are now watching engaging, informative, AND constructive Ted Talks ((we suggest you try a couple out!)) The Top 10 of all Time is a good place to start. My personal favorite is from Simon Sinek, How Great Leaders Inspire Action.  

5. Catch Up with Family via Facetime

Uno with the cousins over facetime?  Catch up with Grandma who is also quarantined?  Say” Hi” to the high school friend you haven’t caught up with in a while.  COVID 19 gives us all plenty to discuss, meanwhile feeling a little more connected to those we love.

6. Handwrite a Letter or Note

Sitting down and taking time to drop a few handwritten and thoughtful notes in the mail just doesn’t seem like something I find time to do very often.  Now that I’m not running around washing the car, taking my son to the aquarium and chasing him down at a park playground, I’m taking a few minutes each day to think of someone that could use a hello, some encouragement or had a birthday coming up.  I’m sure you can think of lots of people you’ve thought of writing some snail mail to and Constellation Co has the cutest in snail mail postcards, stamps and even has a snail mail club you can join while you’re at it! Who doesn’t want to be a snail mail superstar?

7. Dream Up Your Next Vacation

Traveling is a bit scary right now, but we each know the world is such a beautiful place.  Once we can safely get back on airplanes or in the car, where are you dreaming of? Think of weekend day trips that are fun and explore something new easily or, better yet, what’s the next global destination you’re set on exploring? 

I’ve got my sights set on a long weekend away hiking in Sedona, Arizona and then a weekend away at my favorite small boutique resort in Ensenada, Mexico (driving distance from San Diego) at Las Rosas. 

8. Learn Something New

The Great Courses is a great resource to learn something new everyday – they are a series of college level audio and video courses for all ages..  Interested in the history of beer and how to make it? No problem! College level course on Everyday Guide to Beer coming right up.  Science buff interested in Exploring the Milky Way? Want to learn more about Unexpected Economics and why we even bother to vote when we don’t believe it will have any influence on an outcome?  Learning something new from a reputable and reliable source is a great way to pass the time, sharpen your knowledge and come out strong and wiser because of COVID19.  

Can you imagine?

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