6 Wedding Gift Ideas for the Bride

6 Wedding Gift Ideas for the Bride

When your friend or family member gets engaged, it's exciting to see them fly through their wedding planning. They'll dream about where they'll get married and what dress they'll wear, but eventually they'll sit down and make a registry.

Registries are helpful for wedding guests who may not know the bride all that well, but they can feel impersonal to closer family and friends. If you're resisting the idea of getting something off the registry, don't overthink it. Lean into your creative side and think up something more special instead.

Check out these six wedding gift ideas for the bride that will win her over. Think about her personality and lifestyle to match her with the perfect gift. No matter what you decide to wrap up, it'll be a thoughtful gesture you'll feel confident in.

1. A Crafting Kit

The age of the internet has made learning more accessible than it's been at any other time in history. Many people have used the internet to learn how to make different kinds of crafts, which might be something your bride is proud of.

It's easy to put together a crafting kit with supplies to help your bride continue creating after her wedding. Fill a KAZI basket with yarn, a box with sewing supplies or gift her new painting supplies, depending on her hobby. 

Black painted song lyrics on a white canvas next to a chair

2. Painted Song Lyrics

If the bride is your best friend or sister, you'll probably hear about her wedding planning adventures as they happen. When she mentions what song she's chosen for her first dance, look it up when you get the chance. Write down the lyrics and paint them on a picture frame or canvas and give it to her as a wedding keepsake. 

Wooden engraved cover of a personalized cookbook laying on table

3. A Personalized Cookbook

Traditionally, the bride and groom move in together after their wedding. Afterward, they start a new chapter of their lives, which people celebrate with couples' gifts. Make one they'll use forever when you create a personalized cookbook with their favorite recipes. Include easy meals if they're new to the kitchen or recipes that will challenge their already-honed kitchen skills.

4. A Hope Chest

Traditional brides can't put a hope chest on their registry, but it's a special gift they'll fall in love with. Hope chests used to be passed down from mothers to daughters and contain items to prepare them for the future. Now they're given by friends and family. Each chest might hold baby clothes or household goods along with personal treasures like the bride's favorite DVDs or jewelry.

Woman rubbing lotion on her face and smiling

5. A Skincare Kit

Brides often go to the spa before their wedding to relax and hang out with their bridal party or other friends. It's fun to experience, but it also takes time and money some brides might not have. You can give your bride the gift of a spa treatment when you make a skincare kit she can use in the privacy of her own home. Include a couple of facial treatments, bottles of lotion and anything else you think she might enjoy while she relaxes after her wedding. Skincare kits go great in KAZI's Large Round Baskets, it's a great presentation for the gift and after she's used the kit she'll reflect back on all of those relaxing moments each time she sees the basket!

Chalk board wine glasses by stienmart

6. Chalkboard Wine Glasses

If your bride loves to host parties and get together with friends, she'll appreciate owning a few chalkboard wines glasses. All you must do is buy a few glasses and dip them in chalkboard paint so the base of each glass dries and becomes a chalkboard. Guests can write their names on the base at parties and everything can go in the dishwasher when the guests go home. Another gift option would be to include items like coasters, baskets or napkin rings.

Consider the Bride

There's a difference between putting together a fun gift and giving something your bride will enjoy. Think about her personality, hobbies and how close you two are. You'll figure out if a present like these is right for her and check gift giving off your pre-wedding to-do list.

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