The 5 Mother’s Day Gifts You Haven’t Thought About

The 5 Mother’s Day Gifts You Haven’t Thought About

Let’s face it, moms around the world just landed more jobs on their plates with the entire household under their roof - teacher, tutor, chef, baker, interior decorator, gardener, or sole financial provider!  Being a mom is even more overwhelming now than ever before.

Mother’s Day is going to look a bit different this year. Whether Mom is in the next room, another state, or on the frontlines protecting all of us, it’s extra important to show her how you couldn’t do it without her. If you are a mom yourself, just forward this to your family to help them out with new gift ideas. ;) 

Here are 5 thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas you hadn’t thought of -

1. Handmade Coupons

Give the gift of time and space to mom.  Throw it back with handwritten coupons that will let her use them to sleep in, take a nap, go for a walk alone, etc.  We are just going to leave Kristi from’s ideas Here.  It is an extensive list of coupon ideas to get the creative wheels turning. Even if you’re grown, or mom is far away, get creative with the coupons you send her!

2. Help Her Find Her Cheetah!

Curious what we mean? Send her the book “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle, and she’s sure to start showing off her cheetah side.

3. Give A Gift Made By Moms

Not all of us are super crafty and love DIY projects.  For those of you who want to give mom something functional yet unique, check out the fresh spring colors of KAZI baskets - all handwoven by female artisans in Africa.   These artisan moms support an average of 5.7 dependents in their household.  

Whether mom uses it as a centerpiece, catch-all, or wall decor, you’ll be supporting moms through your gift to mom. You can receive 30% off on your entire order through May 10th.

4. Natural Floral Arrangement with Handmade Vases

The common weed has become just as lovely as a rose or orchid. If you are wary of entering extra shops these days, look around your backyard or closest natural area for tall grasses, sticks, small leafy branches, etc. to create your own floral arrangement to give to mom or leave on her front doorstep. We love Creative Live’s nature walk DIY floral arrangements.

Present the floral arrangement in a handwoven KAZI vase to inspire mom to keep making her own.

5. Make Her A 30 Day Meal Plan

It’s tough making meal decisions 3 times a day, 7 days a week, all month long now!  Give her the gift of not having to make dinner decisions for a month - no matter where she lives.  She’ll also be thinking of you with every meal she makes!

Here’s some Country Living recipe ideas and “More With Less” Mom’s meal plans  to get you started.  Don’t have the time? Call her favorite restaurant and have a surprise meal delivered to her house.


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