4 Ways to Decorate the Area Above Your Bed

4 Ways to Decorate the Area Above Your Bed

If you're like us, you've spent the past few months rethinking a lot of things. Everything from old habits and daily routines, to how we want our home to set the tone for our lives. Home decor is more than just the stuff that makes your house look nice. It's a combination of your favorite pieces that make your house feel like home.  

Each of us is our own interior designer right now, trying to set the tone for our homes and our lives, and that starts and ends in the same place: the space above the bed. Your bed decor is the first thing you see when you wake up, and the last thing before you fall asleep. The area above your bed is a blank space, ready to display whatever you want. 

So how do you decorate over the bed? We're so glad you asked! Here are 4 design ideas to make the area above your bed your own, set the tone and make it feel like home. 



Photo: Modsy

1. Wallpaper or Wall Decals

Depending on your bedroom design and how much wall space you have, wall decals can make an easy addition to the room. Trees bring a calming serenity to the room and help you unwind at the end of a long day. Birds make it feel like you've brought a little bit of the outside inside. The advantage of wall decals is they're much easier to work with than wallpaper, and more affordable. If you're looking make a bold statement though, a wallpapered accent wall will do the trick. 


Photo: Fy

2. Wall Art

Here's another decoration idea: Try hanging a gallery wall of some of your favorite pieces in the master bedroom.  A unique art print hung above the bed is more interesting and unique than the IKEA art you've been going back and forth on. Mix and match different frames and art prints and your bedroom decoration just got a lot more personal. For an awesome selection of wall art and inspiration, check out our friends at Fy! 


Photo: Modsy

3. A Mirror

A mirror above your bed not only looks good, but will brighten your bedroom by reflecting natural light.A large wood framed mirror adds a rustic look, while a distinct shape or color can make a bold statement above your bed. Whichever you choose your bedroom will feel more spacious while making a statement. The example above is from our friends at Modsy, who have lots more great ideas for your bedroom decor.



4. Wall Baskets

Baskets hung above the bed give a unique look to your bed decor. Don't be overwhelmed, you don't need to be an interior designer to arrange a few baskets. Choose black and white, bright colors, or any combination that fits the tone of your room. Our wall decor pieces fit a range of styles from boho to modern to traditional and farmhouse. 

Our beautifully intricate baskets are hand woven by skilled artisans and stand apart as beautiful works of art. Each of the breathtaking designs was woven by a woman in rural Africa who also hand stitched a loop on the back for hanging it on a wall. Pick a basket or two, or pair with other woven items for the perfect bedroom wall decor. 

We've made shopping for these items super easy! Check out a few of our favorite arrangements for styling ideas and help here. 

You may not be giving house tours these days, but that doesn't matter. Your bedroom wall decor is the first and last thing you see every day. When you decorate over the bed, and make your bed, you're intentionally deciding what the vibe of your home is like, each and every day. Let's make sure you set the tone the way you want it. The space above the bed is a canvas, and friends, you're Michaelangelo. 

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