More Than a Unique Wholesale Product: Why Our Baskets Are Original Works of Art

More Than a Unique Wholesale Product: Why Our Baskets Are Original Works of Art

If you’re a wholesale buyer, you’re constantly on the lookout for unique wholesale items that will help YOUR store or boutique stand out. That’s easier said than done. You’re not just buying any items for resale, you’re curating products, household items, and home decor that draw customers in because they haven’t seen it anywhere else. They don’t want to fill their homes with just anything, they want unique decor items that reflect who they are and provide a nice atmosphere to relax in. 

KAZI doesn’t sell generic wholesale African items like baskets and bowls that you can just get anywhere. We bring intricately woven works of art directly from our artisans hands to yours. Our retailers LOVE how unique KAZI designs are because they transcend home decor and truly become a work of art, all while creating a global impact you can feel good about. A wall statement of African Baskets on a wall does more than bring charm to the room: like all good art, it tells a story. 

Our designers craft incredible pieces that our artisans in Uganda, Rwanda, and Ghana handmake - and in return receive a life-changing livable wage. This quickly changes lives, families, and communities. We’re not in the business of exploiting workers so we can turn a profit. We’re passionate about bringing these incredible handmade works of art to the Global market (in fact, we’re currently one of only 5 companies to carry the Nest seal of Ethical Handcraft). Your customer’s home will look amazing, and we’ll all help transform lives in the process.

Stunning Art in Limited Quantities

KAZI products are like an original work of art in another sense because once a particular design is sold out from a retailer’s shelf, we may not get it back in stock. These stunning collections are made exclusively in-house with our designers and artisans, and aren’t available anywhere else. 

We’re constantly working to create new, stunning designs, and that means some collections are phased out in order to make room for new, exciting offerings. Customers LOVE having exclusive home decor pieces, and our collections are as exclusive as they are breathtaking. 

We’re currently making room for our Fall/Winter 2020 Collections, which means this may be your last chance to get some incredibly unique home decor in your boutique or store. As we enter into the holiday season, we’re all looking forward to gathering close with the family and friends we’ve been apart from. Your customers will be looking to you for curated experiences that create joy as they gather to share stories, gifts, and long awaited hugs. 

Here are three stunning last-chance collections that are limited to the stock we have left. Once these exclusive collections are gone, that’s it - so get these conversation-starting pieces while you still can!


Soft tones like Burgundy, Merlot, and Earth Red are met with Navy and Lilac for a sophisticated, chic look. These plates, baskets, coasters, and vases add character to any room, and there’s even an adorable woven ornament!

Click here to see the Utopia Collection


Free Spirit

Subtle tints like Cloud Pink, Dusty Rose, and Pale Blush contrast Berry and Lavender for the bohemian in all of us. Bowls, trays, coasters, and pots provide some fresh flair to some of the most useful items in your home.

Click here to see the Free Spirit Collection



Organic shades like Burnt Orange and Sun Yellow compliment Natural and Navy hues to warm up any space. The baskets and vases provide simple, functional storage with just enough elegance to make you do a double take.

Click Here to see the Bauhaus Collection


Our retailers tell us that they LOVE our unique designs, not only because they look appealing, but also it’s a good selling point for their customers: once they’re gone, they’re gone! You wouldn’t wait on purchasing a painting that speaks to you - you’ve got to snatch it up before someone else does! Our retailers tell us it’s the same thing with our products. Our customers love owning such unique pieces of home decor because they’re not only stunning, but they come with a powerful story - and a bit of limited exclusivity. 

Don’t miss your opportunity to stock up on these last-chance collections! Your customers will thank you.

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