Top 10 Most Useful Ways to Use Your Basket  (We think you’ll be shocked by #6!)

Top 10 Most Useful Ways to Use Your Basket (We think you’ll be shocked by #6!)

Have a basket that from Pier I, At Home, KAZI, or World Market that you don’t know what to do with? We’ve been there. We’ve all bought a basket from the likes of Container Store, Target or Micheals thinking we’re going to use it in some creative way. 

We love collecting new home decor that catches our eye and we just have to have it. But then we get home and can’t decide exactly what it’ll be used for! 

Our customers use our handmade baskets in creative ways, and you can, too.  I think you’ll be shocked to see them functional in a guest room, holding your husband's bedside trinkets, or even our most surprising and unique basket use is used for a pet bed.  That’s right, you read it, a basket for a pet bed (read below for more!). Time to break out your baskets (or get some here) and start using them in a whole new way...

1. Centerpiece basket

Tired of the same table every time you sit down for a meal? Our baskets make amazing centerpieces that add life and start the conversation. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or sitting down for a family meal, add some decorative fruit or plants and enjoy!

Or better yet, skip filling it with anything and throw it on your coffee table.  The unique and colorful pattern, design and color of our KAZI baskets are sure to grab your guests attention.

2. Fruit bowl + Fruit Basket

Speaking of fruit, next time you pick up some at the store or farmer’s market, throw them in your basket! Our baskets are made with the highest quality design and attention to detail—making them sturdy enough to hold your fruit while accenting the bright colors of your fresh finds.

They also are made of organic dyes which makes them food safe and a basket you can feel comfortable putting your fruit into.

3. Storage basket

Not sure where to keep your odds and ends? Have some pet toys kids toys or husband toys (like remotes??) in your living room that you don’t want on display? A KAZI basket is the perfect accent piece that combines function and style for the ultimate storage solution.

4. Bathroom storage basket

Every bathroom could use a little more storage, especially if your cabinet or sink space is limited. Use your basket to hold towels to make it easy for guests to grab—and to add some decor to a sometimes-forgotten space.

5. Wall decor basket

Our baskets don’t always have to have something in them! Hang one (or more) on the wall for an eye-catching way to add color and texture to your space. Our unique designs can help make any wall more lively and bright.

They are super easy to hang up too.  Have you seen the loop on the back of every bowl?  Yes, that’s right, every single bowl & basket comes with a permanent, easy-to-hang built in loop that makes decorating your home or apartment simple and easy.

Baskets on the wall continue to live on as a home decor trend for 2020, adding warmth and texture to every room.

For help on how to hang a basket wall, the easiest thing to search is “how to hang a plate wall” like House Beautiful’s instructional guide shows here. Follow the instructions there for layout planning and styling tips.  Hanging a basket wall is not as difficult and daunting as it may seem! It’s quite simple.  


is also a helpful guide.  In place of attaching anything to the back of the plate or buying a plate holder, you can use the easy to hang loop!

6. Cat bed basket

Did you know your baskets can be enjoyed by feline friends, too? Add a cushion and give them a cozy place to snooze that doesn’t take away from the aesthetic of your home.

Your cat is always looking for a small space to curl up in, now you can provide an ergonomical, trendy, styled solution to everyday pet owner needs!  We can’t tell you how many members of friends and family say that their Large or Extra Large basket is their cat’s favorite place to take a cat nap.

7. Kid’s room decor

Our vibrant colored baskets are the perfect splash to add to the wall of a kid’s room. They’re stylish enough to use at every age—from a nursery to a toddler’s room and even as they get older.

Throw back to the time when Lucy Liu and Lauren Conrad used KAZI baskets to decorate their rooms kids rooms & nurseries.  You’ll be making plans to decorate your nursery with these cute style ideas!

"I had very little furniture in there and it was very sparse, so I wanted to have a cohesive plan where there could be play space and it was safe," says Liu. "It was also important that it be presentable for adults as well as kids." -Lucy Liu

8. Merchandising basket

If you own a store, baskets make the perfect display for smaller items you sell. Catch people’s attention near the front register with those last-minute products they can add to their purchase.

We’ve seen many of our stockists like Salt and Sundry and The Little Market  have the cutest items stored inside the baskets like lip balms, tea towels and scarves.  Fill ‘em up and watch them help you sell more in style.

9. Bread basket

Say goodbye to boring bread baskets! Use a KAZI basket next time you’re serving bread to add some flair to the table.  

You’ll be able to show off to your friends while you’re at it.  “Where did you get this cool basket?” and in response you’ll sound like the knowledgeable, caring and thoughtful person you are “It was handmade with natural materials by a woman in Africa and provides food for her family.”  You can envision the jaw drops and kudos you’ll be getting right now...

10. Unique gift basket

Tired of wrapping gifts? Place your gifts in a basket and add some ribbon or a bow. It’s two gifts in one—and the perfect unique gift for a housewarming gift, as a hosting gift, or around the holidays.

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