These Ornaments Will Add Beauty to Your Tree (And Make Great Gifts)

These Ornaments Will Add Beauty to Your Tree (And Make Great Gifts)

The story of the Rwanda Peace Basket

For centuries, the Rwandan culture has woven baskets by hand that require precision and patience. Traditionally exchanged among families during wedding ceremonies and used to stock food in the household, the pattern of these baskets has a very special meaning: It tells the story of two friends walking each other along a path, stopping to chat with others, and then continuing on their way. By giving these personalized ornaments to your friends and family, you’re giving them a symbol of your friendship and support—no matter where their path leads them.


KAZI ornaments

Handcrafted with the highest quality and ethical standards, our ornaments add beauty to your holiday tree and your friends’ trees, too. They also make great office or mantle decorations and can hold your precious items year-round. The cover is removable yet stays on when hung.

Our favorite ideas to gift inside

Names to draw

Perfect for secret santa or your annual gift exchange, place a name inside and hang it on the tree for everyone to randomly choose!

A ring

Make your proposal extra special with something they can keep forever to remember the day.

A cash or check

Elevate your gift with a useful basket you can place money in for an extra delight.

A tiny note

Surprise your loved ones with a sweet note that reminds them you care, and check out these tiny envelopes to go with it.


Remind them of their favorite things with a charm to add to their bracelet or keychain.

A fortune or affirmation

Add a unique wish or encouraging mantra, and they can come back to open it when they need it most.

Small jewelry

Place a necklace or bracelet inside that they can wear to remind them of you and have something to store it in.

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