Meet Speciose, KAZI Master Craftsman

Meet Speciose, KAZI Master Craftsman

Meet Speciose. As a Rwandan basket weaver, she's proudly paid for health insurance, clothes, food and improved her house. She received training on savings with KAZI and after she started to save, she set her sights on buying a motorcycle that she can use for transportation.

KAZI artisans are powerful women, earning viable income from their craftsmanship and stepping up as leaders in their community.

The baskets, home decor and kitchen accessories they create are unique, one of a kind pieces that live with them in their homes as the products take shape and come to life. With a storied reputation for the finest basket weaving, Rwandan women have passed this skill from the hands of mothers to the hands of daughters for centuries.

With multiple purposes, uses, and designs, these baskets are more than just tools for Rwandans. Rwandan baskets are ornaments, heirlooms, art, gifts, symbols of culture, pieces of tradition, and embodiments of friendship. They are a source of pride for the nation as well as a livelihood for thousands. In many ways, baskets are deeply tied to the identity of Rwanda, as it is in this beautiful country where the story of sisal baskets begins. 

Each of KAZI's artisan supports 5.7 dependents on average. It's through this important and vital job that enough income is earned for each artisan to have access to food, healthcare, safe housing, education for their children and savings for their future.


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