Looking for Beautiful Home Decor or a Unique Wholesale Product? Our Best-Selling African Baskets are Back in Stock!

Looking for Beautiful Home Decor or a Unique Wholesale Product? Our Best-Selling African Baskets are Back in Stock!

Your Favorites are Back in Stock, But Not For Long!

The global health crisis has been difficult for everyone: stores and restaurants have been closed, we’ve all been staying home, and many people are unable to work. This includes KAZI, our supply chain, and all 3,600 of our artisans in Rwanda, Uganda, and Ghana.

Since their local retail business has been closed, many customers have been looking for an online seller for everything from kitchen tools (that sourdough isn't gonna bake itself!) to fashion accessories (you still have to look presentable for your Zoom meetings), to home decor (seeing those ugly wall decorations 18 hours a day starts to wear you down). And now as things are beginning to open up a bit more, your local retail business is looking for unique wholesale home products to sell from wholesale distributors who are great and easy to work with.

Regardless of which camp you're in, we’re thrilled to share two exciting pieces of news with you: we’re getting several big shipments in to restock some of our bestsellers, and artisan production is resuming!

Your favorite African baskets are now back in stock! These baskets can liven up your home in many ways from food storage to wall decorations, but they won't stay in stock for long, so get yours while you can! (If you're a retail business, ask us about wholesale price)

Here’s how the pandemic has affected our artisans, what we’ve done in response.

Above: our team distributing food to our artisans.

Supply Chain Challenges

We work with artisans in Rwanda, Uganda, and Ghana, and each country has handled their COVID response differently. Some have closed down entirely for 90 days, some hardly at all, and other areas have major restrictions (like a 7 pm curfew that’s still in effect). The 90 day closures have affected our supply chain: no production, no orders, and no new income for our artisans.

This has been a difficult time for our artisans, but we are determined to support them any way we can. We're not just in the business of product sourcing, we're providing employment and changing lives. Despite these challenges we've been able to distribute food to help hold them over without income.

Normally our baskets fly in the belly of passengers planes, but with all of us staying at home, the airlines have seen a sharp decline in flights. Our freight costs have seen a 400-500% increase, which makes it incredibly challenging to ship and restock products quickly. But we’ve figured out some amazing workarounds, and are happy that your favorites are back in stock again!


Production is Resuming

In the last few weeks, things have started moving! As restrictions have been lifted, our artisans have been able to resume production, and we’re getting several big shipments of our best sellers in this week!

Our African Baskets are as beautiful as they are versatile, and right now they couldn’t be any fresher from our artisans' hands to yours. Whether you’re looking for a wall statement piece, a beautiful food storage centerpiece, wall decorations, a unique wholesale product for your store, or simply as a work of art, our baskets are here to bring a little life into your space!

Take a look at our selection of artisan woven baskets, plates, and other home decor, and get them while you can!

Buying Wholesale

We're not just selling online, we're also one of the best wholesale suppliers to work with! If you run a retail business and are looking at buying wholesale home decor products to sell, click here so we can talk wholesale price, logistics, and wholesale tips.

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