How to Create the Anthropologie Styled Living Room of Your Dreams

How to Create the Anthropologie Styled Living Room of Your Dreams

You may know Anthropologie as the go-to place for everything from bedding and furniture to swimsuits and dresses. And if you’re anything like us, you could wander through a store for hours admiring all the clothes, bowls, jewelry, and candles galore. 

So for our fellow Anthro-lovers out there, this post is for you! Whether you’re moving or just looking to make a few changes in your décor, we’ve got four ways you can style a living room as chic and trendy as the store itself. The best part? It’s easier than you may think…

Step 1: The couch

A couch is one of the most used (and comfiest) pieces of your room, and what truly makes your guests feel welcome and at home—no pressure, right? The living room is the natural place where people gather, and oftentimes where the most time is spent. Comfort is arguably the most important factor, but striking the perfect balance between cozy and stylish is what really sets a room apart. 

Our recommendation? Joybird. This online-only brand is known for its modern style and happy colors, and everything is made to order. Their furniture blends function and fashion together perfectly to give your room the inviting vibe it needs. You can order swatches to know exactly which one will fit your style, and each piece comes with a 365-day home trial (which means you can return it within a year, no questions asked).

And no couch is complete without some fluffy throw pillows and a few extra comfy blankets!

Step 2: Wall décor

Once you have something to sit on, the next step is wall decor. You don’t need to go out and curate the next best art collection (although you certainly can), because our own KAZI products are available at Anthropologie or on our site! Change out the classic gallery wall for a basket collection that adds a variety of sizes and texture to your wall. Whether you want to go for a neutral or colorful look, you can easily achieve a statement piece that is unique to your style and room.

Some of our favorite collections are link, link, link, link.

Step 3: Add some (plant) life

No matter the size of your room, adding plants—whether they’re real or fake—instantly makes a place feel more fresh and alive. Have an awkward empty space that you’re aren’t sure how to fill? Try putting some greenery in! Big or small, plants help bring the outdoors into your home. When deciding which plants to choose, research a little bit about the care needed and how long they typically live. This will help ensure you won’t have a dead plant on display or be constantly purchasing replacements.

Our favorite low-maintenance indoor plants include: Fiddle Leaf Fig, Elephant Ear, Snake Plant, Dieffenbachia, Boston Fern, Dracaena, and Air Plants. See more of the best indoor plants here.

And if your thumbs aren’t as green as you’d like, you’re not alone! Fake plants are a great way to still add the look without the upkeep.

Plus, you can add a unique touch by switching up your planters and vases. Check out Jungalow for some amazing options.

Step 4: Unique accents

As your living room starts to really come together, take some creative liberties by adding accent pieces. Mirrors are always a great option to make a room feel bigger, as well as some smaller items that you can place around the room. These don’t have to be new—maybe you have some unique souvenirs from a place you’ve traveled to or have received a handmade gift. Not only do these add to your style, but they may have a story behind them, too. Next time you’re on a trip or see something that catches your eye, don’t be afraid to add it to your space.

If nothing comes to mind, we’ve got some amazing options to choose from. All our products are handmade with the highest quality design and ethical standards, so you can feel good telling everyone who sees your space about it.

Decorating a living room can be dauting, but don’t feel like you need to do it all at once. Get the foundational pieces set, and the rest will come together as you see it more. The bottom line: this is your space and should reflect your unique style. The beauty of walking through the Anthropologie store is that it feels like someone handpicked everything and put care into its design. Add a little love and your own flair and you can achieve that, too. And don’t forget, you can always rearrange and change it up. Happy decorating!

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