Form & Function: 3 Ways to Style Our Vases

Form & Function: 3 Ways to Style Our Vases

With a plethora of unique patterns and types to choose from, it’s difficult to decide just how to style one of our beautiful woven vases. We’ve detailed a few ways our vases can add a decorative or utilitarian touch to your home:

1. As a Flower Vase

Our glass insert fits perfectly into the smaller cylindrical vases we offer, making a fresh bouquet of real flowers a chic and fragrant styling option. Alternatively, fill one of our vases with dried or artificial flowers for an everlasting accent piece. Our Huye vases are ideal for tall, dried foliage!


2. As a Bottle or Utensil Holder

Place a bottle of wine or a sparkling beverage into one of our cylinders and add a unique accent piece to your next Summer soiree. They also make ideal, decorative utensil holders.

3. With Differently Sized Vases

The variety of our vases makes it easy to mix and match their patterns, colors, and sizes. Experiment with a trio of vases with different heights and shapes, or stick to one color palette and mix patterns (try it with our Black + White Collection).

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