Artisan Insights – Christine's Story

Artisan Insights – Christine's Story

Artisan Christine shows one of her woven baskets

Christine's story is one of a series from artisans for KAZI, built on a mission to create fair-wage employment. About 98 percent of KAZI artisans are women, who have the flexibility to work from their rural homes and support an average 5.7 dependents. Stories are in their own words. See more stories.

"My name is Christine. I live in Uganda. I grew up with nine siblings and I am the sixth born. We also had seven members of our extended family staying with us. I studied up to Senior Four (equivalent to early public high school in the U.S.), because there was no money. My father was a builder and my mother a business woman. Currently, I am married with eight children. My oldest is 26 years old and my youngest is 3 years old.

I learned how to weave in school and later I used to weave for leisure. I got to learn about KAZI and after seeing the changes in the lives of the people working with KAZI, I decided to join.

Through weaving, I have made friends, I have learned new weaving skills, but the friendships I have made are priceless. 

Paying School fees for our children and being able to take care of our home needs, have been the biggest result of my work.

In the future, I want to start an extra business to earn more income.

I am proud of the fact that I can buy myself anything without begging my husband, because sometimes he wouldn’t have money."

    Artisan Christine shows a large woven basket

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