A Safari-Inspired Nursery: The Fair Trade, Handmade Items You Need for Your Child's Bedroom

A Safari-Inspired Nursery: The Fair Trade, Handmade Items You Need for Your Child's Bedroom

When it comes time to decorate your baby’s nursery, you’ll want to create a cozy space that can grow with your child. Choosing a safari-inspired nursery theme can give your room a cohesive style that works whether you’re having a boy or girl. KAZI’s hand-woven goods are created by artisans in Africa and come in a wide variety of colors, so they’ll fit right in with whatever color palette you choose for your little one.

Each KAZI product is eco-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals around your baby. What’s more, the designs are neutral enough to enhance your décor but bold enough to give your safari-themed nursery an eclectic, authentic vibe. You can easily pair our baskets and art with animal print textiles or keep it neutral and let the KAZI products speak for themselves. Here are the six products to add to your nursery to create a one-of-a-kind space you’ll be excited to bring baby home to.

Trays for Your Changing Table or Diaper Station

 While we call them Serving Trays on our site, they can be used in so many different ways. Choose a rimmed style like the Lake + Spring Green Unity Serving Tray and neatly stack diapers for organized, easy-to-reach storage. Once baby has grown out of diapers, you can repurpose the tray to hold lotions, hair accessories, or small toys in your child’s room later on. Or you might even fall in love with it and decide to move the tray to another room in your house and use it there.


Bowls for Knick Knacks and Accessories

You can use any one of our Round Bowls to round up your baby’s smaller necessities. For instance, you can place it on your changing table and keep any skincare items like lotions, diaper rash cream, and baby powder within reach. You can also put one of the colorful baskets inside a drawer to keep all your baby’s socks in one place. And because you’ll also be spending a copious amount of time in the nursery, we recommend placing a bowl near your rocker, to hold a book, snacks (for you), small tablet, and headphones to keep you entertained while you’re nursing, feeding, or soothing your baby.



Baskets for Toys or Blankets 

Baby might not be playing with toys just yet, but you can use our Bolga Baskets to hold blankets, crib sheets, or burp cloths until you reach that phase. The open baskets make it easier to quickly grab something when baby is being fussy, or hurriedly stash away a mess when you have unexpected visitors (as the baskets can be neatly tucked out of site under most cribs). The Bolga Baskets come in a wide range of colors, so you can order a few and keep outfits, blankets, and toys all stashed in their own place.


Lidded Baskets for Dirty Clothes

With all the clothes that your baby will wear, a stylish clothes hamper is a nursery essential. KAZI’s extra-large Lidded Baskets are the perfect size to hold baby’s small onesies, burping cloths, and other soiled clothing items, while keeping them away and out of sight until laundry time.


Wall Art

You can complete your safari theme with thoughtful Wall Décor. Our trays, placemats, and fans can be hung and arranged to create a unique focal point in the nursery. You can play with colors to create an ombre effect, or use different shapes to add texture.


Planters for Greenery

Nothing says safari more than a little greenery. Plants will help keep the air a little cleaner and add a natural element that will make the nursery feel cozier. Our Planters come in bright colors and fun patterns to bring the whole look of your safari-inspired nursery together. 

KAZI’s fair-trade items are sturdy, practical, and beautiful. You can mix and match our bowls, trays, and baskets to create a colorful nursery that you and your baby will enjoy. Visit KAZI online to shop now.

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