7 Party Favor Gift Ideas

7 Party Favor Gift Ideas

When it's time to give out presents to your friends, sometimes it's hard to picture what they'd like. Some people keep lists of what they've given others in years past, but that might not even help. You have to figure out what gifts match their personality and hobbies.

If you have a close friend or family member who proclaims that they're a social butterfly, giving them something to help host a party might be the best option. As much fun as some people have hosting others in their homes, it's still work. Hosts have to get all the supplies together and make the party a success.

Check out these seven party favor gift ideas for the socialites in your life. They'll adore these gifts and love using them in their next event, whether they host at home or help throw a party somewhere else.

1. Seasonal Napkin Holders

Some hosts might run to the store before a party and grab as many disposable napkins as they can carry. They're easy to throw out and budget-friendly, but they don't add much to the atmosphere. 

Linen napkins are the next step up and something many hosts dream of having. Make that dream come true when you give them seasonal napkin holders. They can use them for any party during that season and give the linen napkins character, which charms both guests and hosts.

2. Decorative Coaster Set

Social butterflies that own nice furniture may worry at the thought of water rings on their coffee and dining room tables. You can brush that worry aside by making a coaster set that they can use at any event. With a few supplies, they'll have time to focus on other things besides wiping down tables at their parties.

3. Set of Display Bowls

Guests like to snack on finger foods before they enjoy the party's main meal. Give your friend a set of display bowls for foods like chips, crackers and dip. Buy a few with fun designs or minimalist styles to match the vibe you think your hosting friend wants in their home. 

4. Extra Kitchen Towels

There can never be enough towels at a party. The host needs them for cooking before guests arrive and cleaning up after everyone leaves. For your next gift, buy extra kitchen towels. They'll last a long time and look lovely when they're on display in the kitchen.

5. Cheese and Cracker Board

Whether your friend hosts a party or helps host someone else's, a cheese and cracker board comes in handy. Find a decorative board and create a food display so you can present it as a gift and a snack at the same time.

6. Wine Bottle Stoppers

Most parties involve an array of drinks, which means your hosting friend will open at least a few bottles of wine. Don't let them cover the open bottles in tin foil anymore. Instead, give them wine bottle stoppers with cute designs and colors. They'll give the bottles a bit of pizazz when they're sitting on the counter, waiting for the next refill.

7. Scented Table Candles

Most hosts know the feeling of gathering everyone together only to fill the room with body odor and stuffy air. It may not be possible to open the back door or window when it's extremely hot or cold outside, which is when candles come in handy. Pick out a couple of candles in scents your friend will love or that go along with the theme of their upcoming party to save the day.

Scout the Room

If you have time, wait to get your friend a gift until you go to their next party. Scout the room to see if anything's missing, like coasters or kitchen towels. Get your friend something they need that they might not think to buy fo themselves. You'll end up with the perfect gift they'll use until you think up their next great hosting present.

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