7 Fab and Functional Ways to Enjoy Your African Basket

7 Fab and Functional Ways to Enjoy Your African Basket

African baskets not only look good, they’re the most versatile piece of decor in your home.

African baskets are incredibly beautiful works of art, intricately hand woven using centuries old techniques. The colors POP and the swirling designs draw you in as you browse home decor ideas on Houzz, or on the Anthropologie online store. You effortlessly click the “Buy” button, ecstatic that you will soon be the owner of a large handmade artisanally woven basket. 

And then it arrives at your house and you’re stuck asking yourself, “What should I do with my new African basket?”

We’ve been there. Whether your basket is from Pier 1, World Market, or KAZI (that’s us!), the dilemma is the same: what’s the best use of this basket? We’re glad you asked. Here are seven of our favorite ways to use African baskets at home that are equally fab and functional.

1. Centerpiece Basket

These days your kitchen table isn’t just used for meals. It’s equal parts homework station, work from home desk, craft table, and the dinner table. A centerpiece is a great way to liven up your table, add life, and start the conversation. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor dinner party with friends or sitting down with your family at the end of the day, adding some decorative fruit or plants to your African basket make it a great centerpiece that says, “work time is over, let’s relax.”


2. Fruit Basket

Speaking of fruit, the next time you pick some up at the store or farmer’s market, throw them in your basket to make an alluring fruit bowl. Whether you need a mid-afternoon bite or your kids need yet another snack, your African basket has you covered. Our baskets are made with the highest quality design and attention to detail, making them sturdy enough to hold your fruit while accenting the bright colors of your fresh finds. 

They’re also made with organic dyes, making them food-safe baskets you’ll feel comfortable putting your fruit in.


3. Storage Basket

We’ve all got random knick knacks that we don’t know what to do with, but need access to regularly. Turn your woven basket into the ultimate storage catch-all. Whether it’s your kids’ toys, your dog’s leash, or your husband’s wallet (that you’ve told him a thousand times to find a place for) your basket makes the perfect short-term storage solution that’s also an accent piece. Now if he can just remember to put his wallet in the basket, you’ll be all set. 


4. Wall Decor Basket

Your basket doesn’t have to have something in it to liven up your space! Hang your basket (or pair with other woven bowls, baskets, or trivets) for an eye-catching way to add color and texture to your space. Our unique designs help make any wall lively and bright. 

African baskets as wall decor is so common in fact, that we’ve thought ahead! Our artisans sew a loop on the back of every bowl and basket, making it even easier to hang on your wall. There’s a reason wall baskets continue to live on as a home decor trend for 2020. It’s a simple and easy way to add warmth and texture to your home. 


5. Merchandising Basket

If you own a store, woven baskets make the PERFECT display for smaller items. You’ll catch people’s attention near the front register with a large handmade bowl of last-minute products they can add to their purchase. 

We’ve seen many of our stockists like Salt and Sundry and The Little Market place the cutest items inside their merchandising baskets like lip balms, tea towels, scarves, and more. Fill ‘em up and watch them help you sell more in style!

6. Bread Basket

All that quarantine bread you’ve been baking has to go somewhere! Next time you’re looking to add flair to the table or counter, throw your loaf in a KAZI African basket. Your handmade sourdough will feel right at home in a hand woven basket. (Plus your social media pics will stand out in a sea of #breadstagram posts.)


7. The Perfect Gift Basket

Tired of wrapping gifts? Place your gifts in a handmade basket and add some ribbon or a bow on top for two gifts in one! A handwoven African gift basket makes the perfect unique item for a housewarming gift, hosting gift, or holiday present. It’s a gift that comes with giveback: KAZI baskets are handmade with natural materials by a woman in Africa and provides food for her family. What more could you ask for in a gift basket? 

Plus they’ll get to use their new basket in one of the ways we just listed!

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