6 Boho Decor Ideas to Transform Your Space Into the Cozy Quarantine Home of Your Dreams

6 Boho Decor Ideas to Transform Your Space Into the Cozy Quarantine Home of Your Dreams

Since you’re safer at home, you might as well also make it cozy.

Things look a little different now than they did at the beginning of the year. We’re all trying to stay home, stay safe, and get through this uniquely challenging time together, and in the process your home has become much more than it used to be. Now it could also be a home office, personal 24 Hour Fitness, makeshift elementary school, reluctant play place for your kids, full commercial kitchen, and when you finally get a break, your weekend retreat.

With that in mind, now is a great time to put some thought behind your space. It’s time to clean out those cabinets you’ve been ignoring for months, time to take down the old wall art you don’t want to admit you hate. Friends, it’s time to transform your space into the cozy bohemian home of your dreams. From wall art to string lights, toss pillows to a plant stand or two, here are 6 boho decor essentials to get you started.

1. Bring Nature Indoors

Boho Plants

Whether it’s a fern, succulent, or cactus, adding a plant (or a few) is a great way to add a bohemian accent to your home. They not only add to the look of your room, they’ll also help purify the air. Pick a houseplant that matches your room’s natural light conditions and you’ve got a bit of nature to liven up your space. Plus you get to pick a floor planter, plant stand, or accent planter that goes with your room’s boho style. Bringing some outdoor life into your space will make it feel fresh, vibrant, and like you just might be able to put up with another week or two of this. Maybe.


2. Display Your Books

Boho Books

There’s some debate on how to organize your books (author vs. color), but no matter which you choose, putting your books on display is a great way to add bohemian style to your home. Try arranging a stack of books vertically to break up the pattern, or add a plant or knick knack to give the bookshelf a little more boho chic character. Miss browsing the bookstore with a latte in hand? Shop your shelves for all those books for which you told yourself, “someday."


3. Make a Wall Statement

Boho Wall

Fill your blank wall with wall decorations that’ll get your fellow Zoom-ers talking. The classic 70s bohemian wall decor is a woven wall of macrame tapestry, but you could also try a hanging wall of things like various sizes of picture frames, mirrors, or an assortment of woven African wall baskets, trivets, and plates. Soon people will want to schedule a Zoom meeting just to see your sweet home accents.


4. Get Some Bohemian Lighting

Boho Lighting

No matter how you have your living room or bedroom decorated, if the lighting is harsh, it’ll ruin the vibe. Whether you have a table lamp, a hanging pendant, or string lights, a warm light source will not only illuminate the room, but also match the boho style of the rest of the room. Never underestimate the power of a soft white lightbulb to make your space feel relaxing, calm, and tranquil, which is exactly what you need after a long week, day, or hey, let's be honest: morning with your kids.


5. Cozy Up With a Throw Blanket

Boho Blanket

A big, cozy blanket can serve several different purposes. Fold it up and drape it over your living room furniture with a throw pillow and it's a nice bohemian accent. Move the coffee table and lay it out on the floor it and your throw blanket becomes a softer ground for little ones to play on. Lastly, there’s nothing quite as cozy as snuggling up with a good book, cup of tea, and a blanket so big that it makes you feel like a kid. What day is it again? It doesn't matter cuz this blanket is giving you life right now.


6. Relax With Some Tea and Candles

Boho Candles

Speaking of tea, your new bohemian home needs a teapot, coasters, and some candles. They’ll add not only some more bohemian lighting, but some nice fragrance as well. A mix of tea light, pillar, and taper candles (with a unique candle holder) will add variety and flair to the room. Go for a subtly scented candle so it won’t overpower the room while you’re trying to relax with your chai tea and Netflix.


There’s no wrong way to approach bohemian decorating. The beauty of the bohemian decor style is that it’s made up of mixed patterns and mismatched accents. These are just a few decorating ideas, but feel free to add whatever you like, even if they don’t directly “match” by conventional home decor standards. It’s your home, your office, and your weekend retreat, so it should be a place you love being in regardless of which hat you’re wearing at the moment.

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