5 Wedding Decor Ideas and Elements to Have for the Big Day

5 Wedding Decor Ideas and Elements to Have for the Big Day

Since you got engaged, you've probably daydreamed about walking down the aisle at your wedding. Feeling surrounded by love as you begin your vows is the best feeling in the world. First, though, you'll need to plan the day months in advance to make that moment happen.

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Even if you hire a planner, the decisions are ultimately yours to make. You have to think about where you want to scout out venues, whether you want a theme and which music you'll play at your reception. While it's a lot to think about, one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning is choosing the tiny details along the way.

Check out these five wedding decor ideas and elements to have for your big day. They might be just what you need to create the vibe or style that will pull together your ceremony or reception. If you think about these things now, you'll have more time to spend with your bridal party and future spouse before your special day begins.

1. Find Woven Baskets

Baskets are a stylish and useful way to decorate your celebration. Place favors in them and set them by the door at the end of the night or by the food during your buffet meal. Get creative and embrace woven wedding decor — you can use it for a bohemian or beachy effect in your invitations, placemats and more.

2. Pick Matching Flower Vases

When everyone files into your reception area, they'll know they're in for a good time if the room looks put together. As you flip through options regarding flowers and greenery, consider what will hold those floral decor pieces. Look around for matching flower vases for both your centerpieces and decorations. Once your flowers have a uniform look, nothing will appear out of place.

3. Have a Sparkler Send-Off

When it's time for everyone to head home for the night, you'll want to enjoy a big exit. If you'd rather not run out under a shower of rice or rose petals, consider using sparklers instead — another of the most memorable wedding send-offs. If your send-off happens after the sun sets, your photographer will capture adorable pictures of the fizzing sparklers casting a warm glow over the end of your night.

4. Hang Fairy Lights

Lighting sets the mood for any event. Instead of lighting your nuptials with the sterile fluorescent bulbs that come with your venue, hang fairy lights around your ceremony and reception for magical lighting that welcomes everyone to your special day.

5. Inflate Big Balloons

While balloons may make you think of birthday parties, they've recently become popular at weddings, as well. Think about your reception style and colors, and then look at wedding balloon ideas for inspiration. Fill them with glowsticks, attach them to name cards or use tiny balloons as your cake toppers to make your day all the more fun.

Look for Inspiration

In the months before your big day, spend plenty of time looking for inspiration online and in bridal magazines. Each tiny detail, like sparkler send-offs and woven baskets, will tie together to become the perfect custom celebration for you and your soon-to-be spouse. The extra time spent daydreaming will pay off when you walk into your decorated venue and fall in love with the way it looks.


Written by: Kacey Mya

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