How KAZI Can Help Improve Your Customer Relationships

How KAZI Can Help Improve Your Customer Relationships

For some KAZI customers, the excitement is about discovering the impact purchases have in the lives of artisans and their families in Africa. Others enjoy a useful, attractive, well-built basket for holding food, plants, magazines, car keys, or desktop and kitchen items. Still others thrill in the stunning design — as unique hand-made art on their home’s walls, as tabletop decor, or as special gifts.

Retail and design customers are telling us that KAZI’s unique, hand-woven baskets, decor and gifts are a great way to improve sales and customer relationships while bringing beauty and warmth into homes.

With this in mind, we’ve put together our top five tips to help you build customer experiences and be confident and successful with the KAZI line.

Top 5 Customer Experience Tips

  1. Share the news. The baskets and products often sell themselves when customers see them. So share the good news that you have them. Posting pictures of your baskets to Instagram or favorite social media site is a great way to get word out that you have KAZI goods. 

    Instagram display of KAZI goods
  2. Share experiences. Build out an attractive wall or table-top display where customers can see, touch, feel and experience the design and quality. Be sure to include price tags and other supporting material so people know the items are for sale. 

    KAZI tabletop and room decor
  3. Share a favorite. Educate your sales team about the design and function, to improve customer experience. This can be as simple as having them pick out a favorite basket or other item that they use to show and tell the story. If they love it, the customer feels and shares the enthusiasm. 

    Sharing a favorite KAZI basket
  4. Share uses. KAZI products are versatile as well as beautiful, another point worth making to improve customer experience. A fruit basket, for example, can hold food, household items — or even serve as a bed for a cat! Almost all include a hanging loop on the back, for wall display as well as tabletop or countertop use. 

    KAZI baskets holding food
  5. Share word of positive social and environmental impact. KAZI goods are made of natural materials, locally sourced, and dyed with organic colorings. They are woven by our team of artisans in Uganda, Rwanda and Ghana, 99 percent of whom are women, often working from their own homes and supporting an average of 5.7 dependents. KAZI is committed to ethical and living wage standards, and is one of only five companies currently to carry the prestigious Nest Seal of Ethical Handcraft on our Rwanda and Uganda products. 

    KAZI artisans with their hand-woven works

See these tips and more in our short retailer sales tips video.

What Our Business Customers are Saying

Love these. I sold out of these so quickly and had to put in a special order for more, everyone loves them!" On trivets.

— Rebecca H.

“Amazing quality! My clients loved these pieces. The basket was perfect on a sideboard in the family room to catch all the little things that gather there. We also purchased the basket vases and a few baskets with lids. All products are beautiful quality with a very tight weave and gorgeous colors that work well with our contemporary decor. Nice job KAZI!” On baskets, vases.

— Suzanne M.

“Beautiful. The workmanship, design, colors, is so beautifully presented. Our customers love it. We will be ordering more.” On bowls.

— Joanie B. 

What Our Shoppers are Saying

"Beautiful, unique pots! These are just so adorable and well-made. They brightened up my room! Highly recommend." On planters.

— Emily L.

"Excellent basket! The design is eye-catching and the bowl can serve both decorative and functional purposes." On bowls.

— Erik H.

"Gorgeous and perfect. I absolutely love the colors and patterns in this basket. Knowing the love and care that went into creating it makes me love it even more!" On baskets.

— Carolyn H.

"This vase is the most gorgeous piece I have ever laid eyes on … this piece is a work of art. It is extremely sturdy and well made and I am very pleased." On vases.

— Linda J.

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